Immunotherapy of small cell lung cancer: a case report

Москаленко Ю.В., Терновенко А.А., Костюченко В.В., Привалова А.А., Беловол Д.А., Симонов А.В.

Summary. Introduction. Complete response to chemotherapy and immunotherapy with PD-L-blocker atezolizumab in a patient with metastatic small cell lung cancer is described. Duration of response is 20 months. The aim. Notification of a successful treatment of metastatic small cell lung cancer. Materials and methods. Analysis of some sources of scientific literature concerning the basic principles of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy for small cell lung cancer was done. Case report was described. Radiological, laboratory, histological, immunohistochemical methods of investigation were used. Results. Small cell lung cancer has a high sensitivity to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but these methods of treatment are not able to increase the general survival period for patients. Conclusions. The combination of chemotherapy with PD-L-blockers can provide long-term supportive treatment and an increase the overall survival rate of patients with small cell lung cancer.
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