Rubric :   Oncogynecology

The choice of adjuvant treatment of endometrial cancer III A-C stages
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Treatment and prevention of radiation complications during radiotherapy of cervical cancer
Authors: Ivankova V.S. Stoliarova O.Yu. Khrulenko T.V. Baranovska L.M. Т. 12, № 3-4 (47-48)
Complex ultrasonography in diagnostics of background diseases of the cervix
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The lymph node assessment in treatment of endometrial cancer. The state of the problem
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Level of lethality of patients with external genital tumors at retrospective 25-year-old observation, the role of clinical condition
Authors: Samokhvalova O.O. Kopchak K.V. Nespryadko S.V. Tsip N.P.... T. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)
Treatment of pregnancy-associated lymphomas
Authors: Andreyeva N.L. Mavrichev S. A. Trukhan A. V. T. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)
Radiation diagnosis for assessment of local tumor distribution in patients with cervical cancer
Authors: Golovko T.S. Yarotsky M.E. Bakay O.A. Yarotska I.V.... T. 10, № 1-2 (37-38)
The stress reactions in patients with breast, ovaries and cervix cancer before and after special treatments: а pilot studies
Authors: Kuzmenko A.P. Kostriba A.I. Turchak O.V. Bilyk V.G.... Дата: 2020-04-16
Radial research methods in monitoring the treatment of patients with metastatic vaginal cancer
Authors: Golovko T.S. Ivankova V.S. Bakay O.A. Shevchuk L.... Т. 9, № 1 (33) 2019
Clinical guidelines for the diagnostic and treatment of the endometrial cancer
Authors: Svintsitsky V.S. Renkas O.P. Т. 8, № 3 (31) 2018