HIPEC in combined treatment of intraperitoneally disseminated cancer: a monocentric experience of 215 operations
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Emergency pancreatoduodenectomy with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas head, complicated by acute perforation of ulcer of the duodenum
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Conrad Hal Waddington phenomenon and a novel molecular classification of gastric cancer
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Comparison of hemostatic agents used in surgery
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Analysis of mortality of patients with colorectal cancer in Kharkiv’s multidisciplinary hospitals
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Partial nephrectomy in high-risk urothelial cancer of the calyx
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Divertive ileostomy in left-sided colorectal resections: retrospective analysis and literature review
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Level of lethality of patients with external genital tumors at retrospective 25-year-old observation, the role of clinical condition
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Primary-multiple tumors. Synchronous non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from mantle zone cells and gastric adenocarcinoma. Clinical case
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Photodynamic therapy in clinical oncology
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