Radiation diagnosis for assessment of local tumor distribution in patients with cervical cancer
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Survival of patients with esophageal cancer depending on the location of the primary tumor
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Nuclear transcription factor NF-kB content in the serum of patients with secondary edematous breast cancer
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Clinical cases of treatment of bone lesions in breast and prostate cancer (radionuclide therapy)
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Combined method for post-pneumonectomy bronchial fistula treatment: a new sound of the old problem
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Oral cancer screening: background, current status and prospects (literature review)
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Dermatoscopy and management of patients with basal cell carcinoma. Review of clinical cases
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The stress reactions in patients with breast, ovaries and cervix cancer before and after special treatments: а pilot studies
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Analysis of cytologic reactivity of oncologic patient — modern trend in oncology
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Modern methods of complex and personalized treatment of stomach cancer (literature review)
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Clinical case of prolonged locoregional progression of malignant skin melanoma
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