Rubric :   Tumors of the head and neck

Neck lymph node metastasis from unknown primary lesion
Authors: Halay O.O. Bilynskyi B.T. Bondarenko S.G. Duda O.R.... Т. 13, № 2 (50)
View on the problem of treatment Т1-2N0M0 squamous cell carcinoma of tongue
Authors: Halay O.O. Bilynskyi B.T. Bondarenko S.G. Duda O.R.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
Changes in the level of neutrophils, lymphocytes in the peripheral blood in primary and secondary operations for brain tumors
Authors: Lisianyi O.M. Belska L.M. Lisyaniy A.O. Klyuchnikov A.I.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
The value of the immunotherapy of alfa/beta defensins in the development of epitheliitis in patients with oropharyngeal cancer
Authors: Hirna H.A. Kostyshyn I.D. Rozhko M.M. Lukach Ye.V.... Т. 11, № 3-4 (43-44)
Oral cancer screening: background, current status and prospects (literature review)
Authors: Ivashchuk O.I. Hovornyan S.L. Bodyaka V.Y. Chuprovska Yu.Ya. Дата: 2020-04-17
The first experience of using dendritic cells immunotherapy in complex treatment of patients with glioblastoma in Ukraine
Authors: Khranovska N.M. Skachkova O.V. Gorbach O.I. Zhukova V.M.... Т. 9, № 2 (34) 2019
Supraclavicular flap in head and neck tumors postoperative defects reconstruction
Authors: Fedorov D.Y. Rusyn А.V. Boldizhar P.A. Т. 8, № 4 (32) 2018
Immunohistochemical and molecular features of diffuse astrocytic tumors grade III–IV
Authors: Yakovtsova I.I. Chertenko T.M. Danyliuk S.V. Dolga O.V. Т. 8, № 3 (31) 2018
Medical case of simultanous squamous cell carcinoma and fibrosarcoma of larynx
Authors: Rusyn А.V. Petrosov O.V. Chumak A.I. №3(27) 2017
Plastic elimination floor of mouth defects platysma myocutaneous flap
Authors: Kravets O. Protsyk V. Hlynin O.V. №3(27) 2017