Possibilities of radiation methods in the diagnosis of malignant ovarian tumors

Лаврик Г.В., Головко Т.С., Shevchuk L., Бакай О.А.

Summary. Aim. Improve the effectiveness of radiation diagnostics and optimize the monitoring of treatment of patients with ovarian malignant neoplasms by applying innovative methods and determining their efficiency. Material and methods. The research materials are based on conducting of the comprehensive radiological study of 60 patients with ovarian cancer (OC) and analyzing of the immediate results within the framework of a fragment of the research work of the period of 2017–2018. All patients underwent ultrasound of the pelvic organs, abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space (total 176 research studies); 30 patients underwent magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) of the pelvic organs to clarify the spread of the tumor process: as basic research, for treatment planning and its evaluation (total 57 research studies). The OC staging was performed in accordance with the classification of FIGO (2013). Morphological verification was performed for all patients — adenocarcinoma of various degree of differentiation. The comparison group consisted of 20 patients with benign neoplasms in the ovaries. Results. The visual most significant ultrasound and MR signs of OC, characterizing the activity of the malignant process, are identified and specified. The information content (sensitivity, specificity and accuracy) of ultrasound, MRT, MRI + remote sensing to detect neoplasms in the ovaries was determined. The algorithm of radiological examination of women in case of suspicion of malignant neoplasms of ovaries for the purpose of timely diagnostics, monitoring in treatment is developed. Conclusions. The use of a complex of radiological research methods allowed to improve the efficiency of diagnostics of malignant neoplasms of the ovaries, determines the priority and expediency of their application in treatment, diagnostic monitoring, detection of recurrence.
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