Mohs micrographic surgery for high-risk basal cell carcinoma

Литвиненко Б.В. 1, Литус А.И.1, Коровин С.И.2, Кукушкина М.Н.2, Василенко С.С., Петренко О.В.1, Литвиненко В.Е., Баштан В.П.

Summary. Basal cell carcinoma is the most frequent malignant tumor of the skin with a high frequency of recurrence. Treatment of high-risk skin tumors located in the H-zone of the face presents a serious clinical problem. Results of Mohs micrographic surgery treatment of 70 patients with high-risk basal cell carcinoma (H-zone of the face, aggressive histological subtypes, recurrent tumors), performed in 2016–2017 were analyzed. The analysis of observations including sex and age of patients, histological subtype, tumor size and location, the number of micrographic surgical stages, and the type of reconstructive closure of the wound defect are presented. It is concluded that Mohs micrographic surgery is the treatment of choice for the high-risk basal cell carcinoma, as it allows a complete assessment of the peripheral and deep margins of resected tumor and preserving of the unaffected tissue surrounding the tumor for maximal functional and aesthetic postoperative results.
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