Epidemiological and organisational background of breast cancer screening in Ukraine

Федоренко З.П., Михайлович Ю.И., Гулак Л.О., Горох Е.Л., Сумкина Е.В., Куценко Л.Б.

Summary. The dynamics of breast cancer incidence and mortality in female Ukrainian population during the last 20 years has been studied. The level of affection with breast cancer in females was high and the incidence constantly increased. Among women with breast cancer 22.5% were of child-bearing age and 47.1% were of capable age; cumulative incidence risk until age 75 has 5.0% of women; the highest age-specific breast cancer incidence rate is in age group 65–69. The high breast cancer mortality level and low relative 5-year survival rate 62.1% in a great measure are caused with defects in the diagnostic and treatment processes, in particular 22.1% of breast cancer cases were diagnosed in stage III–IV, 12.5% of patients with early stages of breast cancer and 24.6% of those with stage III–IV have not received anti-cancer treatment. The effective way to improve oncological care for breast cancer patients and, in the first place, the prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment, should be the implementation of selective screening programs on the national level.
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