Immunotherapy is the first line of advanced lung cancer: what is new in 2018

Рыспаева Д.Э.1, Пономарева О.В.2

Summary. The applying of monoclonal antibodies — immune checkpoints inhibitors led to change a paradigm treatment in many types of malignant tumors, including lung cancer. Indications for checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) continue to develop, and international guidelines have already recommended testing of PD-L1 expression prior to systemic treatment. The latest clinical trials that investigated new approaches to the treatment of NSCLC were analyzed in this article. The benefit of frontline pembrolizumab monotherapy lead to be a standard of care for patients with advanced NSCLC with PD-L1 tumor expression ≥50%. The addition of pembrolizumab to standard chemotherapy in the first-line treatment significantly increased the median of overall survival in patients with advanced NSCLC regardless of tumor PD-L1 expression. These data suggest to change approaches to the treatment in advanced NSCLC and optimize systemic therapy options for improving the quality of life and the survival of these patients.
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