Connection between quantitative metabolic positron emission tomography parameters of malignant cervical neoplasms and differentiation grade

Бабкина Т.М.1, Новиков Н.Е.2, Винницкая А.Б.2

Summary. Current retrospective study is dedicated to correlation between different quantitative metabolic parameters of primary squamous cervical neoplasms, derived from PET/CT data and tumor differentiation grade. Results show statistically significant increase in SUVmean and TLG (p<0.05) in low differentiated group (G3). No other metabolic indexes showed statistically significant difference in this relevantly small patient population. Obtained results suggest possibility of utilizing of quantitative PET/CT data in disease prognosis. Nevertheless, there are previously published contrasting and inhomogeneous results regarding this issue, which highlights the need for further investigation with larger groups to determine most suitable parameters providing additive predictive value in process of multidisciplinary approach to treatment strategy.
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