Methods of radiation diagnostics in eassessing local advanced cervical cancer

Golovko T.S., Bakay O.A. , Goncharuk I.V., Gavrylyuk O.М., Nespryadko S.

Summary. The aim of this article was to investigate the opportunities of complex radiation method of diagnostics for local advanced cervical cancer. 62 patients with cervical cancer stages Tis–Т2b were examined. All the patients underwent magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography with elastography. The results: magnetic resonance imaging has high diagnostic performance for assessment of local advanced cervical cancer. In the evaluation of parametrial invasion magnetic resonance imaging has sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of 96.0; 94.9 and 95.1%, in case of involving corpus uteri — 91.0; 97.9 and 92.0%, in case of involving vagina — 89.0; 92.2 and 93.3%. Present study demonstrated effectiveness of elastography for valuation of tumor process invasion levels. At detection of tumor invasion into parametrium test-sensitivity increased from 79.3 to 91.3%, specificity — from 90.3 to 95.1%, exactness from 85.0 to 93.3%; invasion into vagina these parameters correspondently changed: from 77.2 to 86.8%, from 84.1 to 87.3%, from 80.8 to 87.5%; and in case of uterus: from 85.7 to 92.0%, from 86.0 to 92.9%, from 85.8 to 92.5%.
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