The activity of p53 in ovarian cancer patients, depending on the sensitivity to platinum drugs

Kuznetsova O.V.

Summary. The article provides a comparative analysis of ge­neral and local activity of the p53 protein in ovarian cancer patients, depending on tumor sensitivity to platinum drugs. For this were exa­mined 100 patients with ovarian adenocarcinoma stage IIIA–IIIC, which after optimal or suboptimal cytoreductive surgery conducted a course of adjuvant chemotherapy with the inclusion of platinum in standard mode. The authors have shown that the activity of the p53 protein in the blood serum in patients with platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer was significantly higher than that in groups with the platinum-refractory and platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. Furthermore, revealed a significantly higher activity of a protein spot p53 in ovarian cancer patients sensitive to the platinum drugs, as compared with that in the groups with platinum-resistant and platinum-refractory ovarian cancer.
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