Diagnostic and surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer and periampular zone

Summary. This paper presents a 5-year results of treatment of 478 patients with pancreatic cancer (PC) and periampular zone, who were undergoing treatment in Zaporizhzhia specialized center of surgery of the liver and pancreas from 2009 to 2014. In 397 (83,0%) patients the disease was complicated by the syndrome of obstructive jaundice. More than half of the patients (59,0%) had end-stage jaundice. In 44 cases of obstructive jaundice combined with symptoms of duodenal obstruction. All patients were subjected to various surgical interventions: resection of pancreas made in 78 (16,3%) patients, distal resection — in 39 (8,1%), draining operations made — in 343 (71,7%) cases, thermoablation of tumor made — in 18 (3,7%) cases. The choice of method and volume of surgical treatment in PC requires pre-operative staging of the disease on the basis of modern methods of diagnostic imaging. Wide two-step use of minimally invasive techniques allow to achieve significant palliative effect even with inoperable tumors of pancreas. Currently, surgical resection of PC remains the only potentially radical treatment option for patients with this pathology.
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