State of organization of cancer care to the population of the regions influenced by the Chernobyl accident consequences

Fedorenko Z.P., Michailovich Y.I.

Summary. The study of the state of cancer care to the population of contaminated areas compared to the general Ukrainian level showed that number of beds for the treatment of cancer patients is below the standard 1.4–2.6 times, in connection with which more than 30% of cancer patients are treated in the general health services. Oncology beds are overloaded as work 354–370 days instead of standard 340 days. Coverage of female population with mammography screening in all oblasts, except Volynska and Rivnenska, is 1.6–3.0 times lower than the average level, and therefore share of advanced breast cancer reaches 28.0%. Coverage of the population of contaminated areas with cytology screening is 15,5–42,0% less than the average for Ukraine, which predetermines high share of advanced cervical cancer, which is above 18.0%. Improvement of cancer control in the contaminated areas should be based on the improvement of material, technical and human resources, the improvement of diagnostic and treatment process.
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