Gastrectomy combined with resection of the area of abnormally departing common hepatic artery and formation vascular anastomosis

Kirkilevskyi S.I., Frydel R.I., Krahmalyov P.S., Kondratskyi Y.

Summary. Surgical anatomy of the abdominal artery trunk is quite variable. We observed case of missing typhoid trunk in patient Ch., 76 year old, with gastroesophageal cancer. Tumor enters the body and tail of the pancreas, common hepatic artery. Directly from the abdominal aorta departed the left gastric artery, and from it the total hepatic artery; below the aortic departed splenic artery. Patient underwent gastrectomy combined with resection of body and tail of the pancreas, splenectomy, total resection of hepatic artery and the formation of vascular anastomosis between the stump of the left gastric artery and the common hepatic artery.
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