Biological rhythms of immune system functions and possibilities of their regulation in patients with malignant tumours (review of published and authors’ own research data)

Labunets I.F. , Grinevich Yu.A.

Summary. The reviews presents data about the main parts of control the day and season biorhythms function of organ and systems in normal and tumour organism, particulary the role of the pineal gland in this control. It was shown the results about the biorhythms of immune system in healthy subjects, their links with rhythmycity of thymic endocrine function and about formation in oncological patients intrasystemic desynchronouses with participance of thymus. Substantiation has been given for the significance of disturbance of interrelations of biorthythms pineal’s melatoninsynthesing function and adrenal cortex’s glucocorticod function in mechanisms of development desynchronouses of central and peripheral immune system in tumours. Substantiation has been given for the significance of using the chronobiological approaches both for evaluation of changes of immune and endocrine systems functioning and use the synchronousing factors of pineal gland alone or with thymic factors in schemes of main treatment oncological patients for prophylactic recidives and metastases and appearance of tumour.
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