Radiology aspects of pulmonary metastases in children with osteosarcoma

Golovko T.S., Chalileev O.O. , Klymnyuk G.I., Belokon O.V. , Krotevych M.S.

Summary. The purpose of this study is to approach detecting of lung metastases in children with osteosarcoma. In our opinion the factors considered were the appearance of pulmonary nodules, the location of relatively small nodules in relation to the secondary pulmonary lobules, and the detectability on multislice computer tomography scans. It is to compare the appearance of pulmonary metastases on high-resolution CT scans with the histopathologic findings in lung specimens obtained by surgery. We suppose that the secondary pulmonary lobule — subsegmental unit of the lung, which is determined by CT and morphological studies. If the size of the identified node is less than 5 mm, the analysis of CT-images of the secondary pulmonary lobule is the clue to the answer to the question: metastatic node or not.
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