Expression of glicoprotein Pgp-170 by the hemopoietic peripheral blood and bone marrow cells in the CML patients with different response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors therapy

Gordiyenko A.I.1, Dyagil I.S.2

Summary. The aim of this study was to evaluate an expression of Pgp-170 on the CD33+ myeloid cells and CD34+ hemopoietic cells-progenitor in peripheral blood and bone marrow in the chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients with different response to therapy. We observed 37 CML patients who received tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI). Results of the study suggested that the number of CD33+ hemopoietic cells with co-expression of transmembrane glycoprotein Pgp-170 was increased in CML patients who had resistance to TKI comparing with patients with optimal response on therapy. Comparing analysis has shown that in CML patients with resistance to therapy the number of CD34+Pgp-170+ hemopoietic cells in bone marrow and peripheral blood was increased also. The direct correlation between the number of CD33+ Pgp-170+ and Ph+ bone marrow cells have been determined.
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