Institution :   Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Oncological Center

Endocrine resistance as a problem in the treatment of breast cancer
Authors: Klekot O.O. Klekot А.I. Vozniuk L.А. Doroshkevich I.O. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 3
The treatment of cytostatic-induced neuropathy in using Meditan in cancer patients
Authors: Schevnya S.P. Matsyshevskaya I.V. Schnaiderman P.Y. №1(17) 2015 / Review: 3
Correction of neurological side effects of taxanes by Meditan in patients with breast cancer
Authors: Musa E.N. Odarchenko N.Y. №2(14) 2014 / Review: 4
More efficienly modifying action of ftorafur in radiation treatment of cervical cancer II–III stage
Authors: Grigorenko S.V. Lukyanenko E.A. Vityuk N.V. Grigorenko A.N. №5 (1) 2012 / Review: 1