Features of breast cancer progressing after treatment

Чупровская Ю.Я., Иващук А.И., Бодяка В.Ю., Церковный Ю.Г.

Summary. Introduction. Despite the rapid development of oncology, prognosis of breast cancer (BC) remains a very important and unexplored issue. Retrospective study of the characteristics of occurence of BC progression will give an opportunity to understand more deeply the problem which will be the basis for further research aimed at identifying objective criteria for prognosis of the BC progression. Materials and methods of research. 242 outpatients cards of BC patients have been analyzed. The patients have been divided into two groups depending on the BC progression after treatment: 179 (74.0%) women «without progression of BC» and 63 (26.0%) women «with verified progression of BC». Aim of the study. To explore clinical and statistical features of the BC course with the progression of the tumor process depending on the stage of the disease and molecular tumor subtype. Discussion of results. The obtained results indicate a clear relationship between the increase in the percentage of BC patients and the progression of BC and the stage of the disease. There hasn’t been found any probably difference between the two groups under study when looking into the average age of a woman, the frequency of lesions of the right or left breast, the number of regional lymph nodes affected by metastases except for a medium-sized tumor where the indeces in patients with verified BC progression are much higher. The longest time to verify progression of BC is characteristic of IIB stage of the disease at luminal A subtype of the tumor. The highest frequency of metastasis of BC is observed in the bone, liver and lungs. Conclusions. 1. The age of the woman, the localization of the neoplasm in the right or left breast, the number of metastatic regional lymph nodes do not affect the progression of BC. 2. When BC progresses, a average size of the tumor is observed especially in the luminous subtype A. 3. The longest period for verifying the progression of BC is characteristic for IIB stage of the disease with luminal A tumor subtype. 4. BC most metastasizes to the bones, liver and lungs.
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