Keyword :   breast cancer

Effect of chemokin polymorphisms on the efficacy of chemotherapy in patients with Her2/neu-negative breast cancer
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Clinical cases of treatment of bone lesions in breast and prostate cancer (radionuclide therapy)
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The stress reactions in patients with breast, ovaries and cervix cancer before and after special treatments: а pilot studies
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Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy in breast cancer premenopausal patients. Literature review and research results
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Prognostic value of blood redox-state indicators in patients with breast cancer
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The possibility of using the detection of sentinel lymph nodes after neoadjuvant polychemotherapy in patients with breast cancer
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Features of breast cancer progressing after treatment
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Modern possibilities for the forecast of metastatic distribution of breast cancer (review)
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The role of ESR1 mutations in development of resistance to hormone therapy in patients with luminal subtypes of breast cancer
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Cells of adaptive immunity: possibility of using as prognostic factors in clinical studies of breast cancer (review)
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Preservation of fertility in patients with breast cancer
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Breast reconstruction by using free transplantation of TRAM-flap in various modifications in breast cancer: analysis of results and complications
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Cells of innate immunity and their relationship with disease prognosis in breast cancer patients (review)
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In situ immune response after perioperative chemotherapy in patients with locally advanced breast cancer
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