Capabilities of immunotherapy of metastasis of melanoma B16 in C57Bl/6 mice with transfer factor

Фильчаков Ф.В., Лён А.Д., Шумилина Е.С., Кукушкина С.Н., Гриневич Ю.А.

Summary. Experimental data of immunotherapy of melanoma with using of xenogeneic transfer factor which was obtained by replicating its activity in chick embryos, are presented in the article. On murine model of passive metastasis of melanoma B16 it was found that in the preventive and therapeutic use transfer factor obtained in the «mouse C57Bl/6 — nonlinear rats — chicken embryos» system exhibits an antimetastatic effect that is more pronounced in a nonspecific sample than in melanoma-specific. Еransfer factor immunotherapy, regardless of specificity, significantly increases the survival experimental animals in comparison that with the control group. The obtained results make it promising to develop on this basis methods and medicines for effective immune prevention of metastasis of skin melanoma.
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