Preservation of fertility in patients with breast cancer

Сивак Л.А., Лялькин С.А., Martynyuk O., Досенко И.В., Verevkina N., Tarasenko T., Смоланка И.И. (младший)

Summary. The modern comprehensive approach to the treatment of breast cancer (BC) provides high survival rates for patients. Despite the toxic effect of chemotherapy on the function of the ovaries, young women have chances of preserving fertility. International cancer guidelines provide recommendations for preserving the function of the ovaries when chemotherapy is used and one of the proven methods is the use of analogues of gonadotropin-releasing hormones. Preserving the function of the ovaries allows increased fertility rates among patients treated for breast cancer. The issue of pregnancy safety in patients after breast cancer was demonstrated by the results of a meta-analysis of 14 major clinical trials. Thus, maintaining fertility in patients receiving chemotherapy gives a chance to motherhood, which improves not only the quality of life, but also the level of social adaptation of women.
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