Determination of the content cells in brain tumors cells that have molecular markers of stem cells

Belskay L.M., Lisyany O.M.

Summary. Stem tumor CD133+ brain cells characterized by unlimited capacity for self, the formation of new tumor transplantation experiment implantation, chemо- and radioresistance. While not yet studied the expression of other markers of stem cells CD34, CD90 and CD15 molecules in brain cells of different origin and degree of malignancy. The aim was to study the expression of markers of stem cells CD133, CD90, CD34 and CD15 molecules on cells of brain tumors of different origin and degree of malignancy. Biopsies were studied (115 samples) brain tumors of different genesis. Fragments of tumor mechanically crushed and prepared cell suspension standard concentration (1•10/ml) in culture medium «Igla». Learning content stem tumor cells was performed using monoclonal antibodies to molecules CD133, CD15, CD34, CD90 production «Beckman Coulter» to flow cytofluorimeter «FC-500» («Beckman Coulter», USA). The results approving statistics methods. In brain tumors of various origins are stem progenitor cells, which expressed CD133, CD34, CD15 and CD90 cells molecules. Data determined in malignant gliomas in 1.5–2.0 times more than in benign, which suggests their stimulate role in carcinogenesis, such as binding involving mesenchymal hemopoetry and progenitor cells in angiogenesis and infiltrative growth of these tumors. Content stem CD133+ cells within a tumor histological type varies widely from lack of interest to large cells. Conclusion brain tumors defined by cells expressing markers of neural, hematopoietic and mesenchymal type of stem cell, the contents of which depends on the origin and degree of malignancy of tumors.
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