Evaluation efficiency chemoradiotherapy treatment to patients with locally advanced cervical cancer with the use of modern radiotherapeutic machines

Baranovska L.M.

Summary. The department of radiotherapy of the National Cancer Institute examined 106 patients with cervical cancer stage IIB–IIIB cancer. Depending on the dose of radiation source Co γ- therapeutic settings and applied modes of high-energy brachytherapy (HDR BT) patients divided into 2 major (n=67) and control (n=39) group who underwent combined radiotherapy (BSA) against chemotherapy — tegafur radiomodifying oral dose of 800 mg per day. Patients of the group performed at the BT device Gyne Source of high activity dose radiation (HDR) modes in a single focal dose (SFD) 5 Gy at the A points 2 times per week to a total focal dose (TFD) 35–40 Gy (first main group) and (DPF) 7 Gy at point A 1 time a week for 28–35 Gy (second study group). The control group consisted of 39 patients who performed on the BT device AGAT-VU activity of radiation dose (MDR), DPF at the A points 8 Gy 1 every 6–7 days to TFD 40–48 Gy. Using the above modes HDR BT in chemoradiotherapy patients with cervical MP helps accelerate the pace and increase the degree of regression of tumors of the cervix compared to the standard method SS BT — Co source intermediate dose radiation does not increase the frequency and effects of general and local toxicity of treatment.
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