Method of determination of area of the zone of hyperalgesia in early postoperative period in children operated for tumors of abdominal cavity

Dmytriiev D.V.

Summary. The article deals with algorithm of approximation of discrete data using parametric spline such as Bezier curve. The hypothesis about the possibility of using of Bezier curves in the re­cognition tasks of area of functional zone of hyperalgesia in the early postoperative period in children. Study of the development and determination of the zone of hyperalgesia around the postoperative wound was performed in 18 children (6,4±2,2 years) operated for tumors of the abdominal cavity. It is proved that the motor reaction on the 2–5 day appeared in all patients on the pressure force of 8 or 10 g, and totally correspond to the high evaluation on a Behavioral Pain Scale (BPS) and amounted to more than 4 points (5,6±0,4), which indicated reduced pain threshold in patients in early postoperative period and allowed to determine functional zone of hyperalgesia around the area of postoperative wound. Properties of Bezier curves allows determining the area of zone of hyperalgesia accurately in children in early postoperative period.
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