Rubric :   Pediatric Oncology

Effect of rehabilitation on the level of aggression and anxiety in children with cancer
Authors: Misiak S.A. Lomako L.V. Rogozha S.A. №2(22) 2016
Evaluation of bone mineral component in children with acute leukemia depending on cortisol level
Authors: Bebeshko V.G. Bruslova K.M. Tsvietkova N.M. Volodina T.T.... №2(22) 2016
Results of surgical treatment of children with neuroblastoma (experience of department)
Authors: Klymnyuk G.I. Izhovskyy O.J. Pavlik S.V. Shaida Е.V... №1(17) 2015
Problems with mobilization of peripheral blood stem cell in children with solid tumors
Authors: Klymnyuk G.I. Pavlik S.V. Shaida Е.V Khranovska N.M.... №4(16) 2014
The role of alteration of p53/MDM2 pathway regulation in neuroblastoma progression
Authors: Khranovska N.M. Inomistova M.V. Svеrgun N.N. Skachkova O.V.... №4(16) 2014
Peripheral blood stem cell mobilization with pegfilgrastim in children with solid malignancies
Authors: Shida E.V. Klymnyuk G.I. Pavlik S.V. Khranovskaya N.M.... №3(11) 2013
Application of tandem peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in children neuroblastoma treatment
Authors: Klymnyuk G.I. Pavlik S.V. Shida E.V. Khranovskaya N.M.... №3(11) 2013
Supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors in children.
Authors: Orlov Yr.O. Shaversky A.V. Zyabchenko V.I. №7 (3) 2012
Surgery complications of giant tumors of the abdo­minal cavity and retroperitoneal space using circulatory arrest
Authors: Schepotin I.B. Yemets A. Klymnyuk G.I. Izhovskyy O.J.... №7 (3) 2012
Malignant epithelioid mesothelioma in children: case report
Authors: Prihodko I.O. Pavlik S.V. Mostovenko R.V. Shaida Е.V... №6 (2) 2012