Prospects of using immunotherapeutic approach in treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer patients

Hanul A.V., Sovenco V.M., Khranovskaya N.M., Orel V.Е., Skachkova O.V.

Summary. In thoracic department of the National Cancer Institute studied the effectiveness of dendritic cell autovaccine in the postoperative period in non-small-cell lung cancer. The disappointing results of treatment of non-small cell lung cancer dictate the need to actively search for new approaches and areas of therapeutic intervention. Lung cancer is the leading positions on the incidence and mortality of malignant human tumors. In the world actively exploring opportunities using of combinations of chemotherapy, drugs inhibitors growth receptors, target agents, monoclonal antibodies, and biotherapeutic agents. Also great hopes are pinned on the research and development of immunotherapeutic methods, including the use of anti-cancer vaccines. The National Cancer Institute — thoracic department, together with the department of experimental oncology and department of medical physics and bioengineering, a randomized study of the efficacy of dendritic-cells autovaccine in the postoperative period in non-small cell lung cancer patients was investigated. The results obtained demonstrate the high efficiency dendritic-cells autovaccine.
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