Author :   Orel V.Е.

Treatment of renal cell cancer with metastases in lung with dendritic cell auto-vaccine
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Combined effect of the vinorelbine with iron oxide nanoparticles and electromagnetic radiation on the Lewis lung carcinoma
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Antitumor and immunomodulating effect of dendritic cells loaded with magnetic nanocomplex in mice with Lewis lung carcinoma
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Magnetothermia of malignant tumors
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Antitumor effect and the distribution of iron in the tumor and blood serum during magnetic nanotherapy of Walker-256 carcinosarcoma
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Investigation of mechanisms of antitumor effect magnetic technology nanoterapy on model cultures of human malignant cells in various tissue genesis
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Elaboration, rationale and clinical benefit of anti-tumor vaccine therapy based on dendritic cells for patients with malignant neoplasms
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Experience of using dendritic cell autovaccine in non-small-cell lung cancer patients
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Chemiluminescence and mechanoemission blood levels of pregnant women and patients with gestational trophoblastic disease
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Improving the effectiveness of combined treatment of breast cancer with applying of radio-frequency hyperthermia
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