Totally implantable infusion system of central venous access (port)

Yugrinov O., Nowak E.M., Suprunenko A.A., Rоdzаevskii S.A., Shida E.V., Kindratishin B.T.

Summary. Repeated puncture of peripheral veins and the introduction of antitumor drugs eventually lead to considerable technical difficulties in achieving adequate venous access and limit the opportunities for further treatment. To provide central venous access for chemotherapy and applied technology roentgenoendovascular implantation under the skin of a special design (venous port). In Ukraine, registered and approved for use in medical practice, biocompatible venous ports for implantation and the lines connecting them (Polysite implantable port Laboratories Perouse (France)). With the help of ultrasonic testing sighting selected vein puncture was performed successfully at first attempt 96% patients. Standing X-ray monitor the movement of metal conductor allowed to cast on him venous catheter and safely place it in the specified location. Venous port Polysite Implantable Port Laboratories Perouse (France) long-lasting functional ability to deliver cytotoxic drugs into the central venous channel. Introduction to the port-catheter local-irritating substances in high concentrations is not accompanied by adverse skin reactions.
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