Primary-multiple tumors. Synchronous non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from mantle zone cells and gastric adenocarcinoma. Clinical case

Kriachok I.A.1, Shudrak N.А.1, Stepanishyna Y.A.1, Antonyuk S.A.2, Shudrak E.1

Summary. Mantle cell lymphoma is B-cell lymphoma, usually with an aggressive course, characterized by damaging the lymph nodes, a spleen, bone marrow, the lining of the brain and the gastrointestinal tract. Adenocarcinoma (glandular cancer) is a malignant neoplasm, which develops from the glandular (secretory) cells of the stomach. This article presents a clinical case of primary-multiple synchronous malignant neoplasms of B-cell lymphomas from the cells of the mantle zone involving gastric lesions and stomach adenocarcinomas.

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