Level of lethality of patients with external genital tumors at retrospective 25-year-old observation, the role of clinical condition

Samokhvalova O.O., Kopchak K.V., Nespryadko S., Tsip N., Svintsitsky V.

Summary. Маterials and methods. The results of the article are based on 25-years retrospective observation and present total mortality rate in patients with external genital tumors. It also present the prognosis of totat lethality, depending on the clinical staging. The research is provided in National Cancer Institute, and included 557 case hystories between 1993–2018 years. Results. The mean survival rate is 6.0±4.48 years. The highest level of total mortality were set in patients with IVA and IVB FIGO stages. At the patients with IVB stage total morthality was evenly distributed during all observation period; patients with IVA stage have been eliminated from observation during first year. It has been set the increasing of total survival after 2010 in patients with 1st and 2nd stages of external genital tumors. Significantly increase in mortality by criterion T was noted between T3 vs T4 criterions (74.4 and 100.0%), the lowest overall mortality rate was observed in local tumors (Tis — 5.6%). The increasing of total lethality was observed for N1 and N2 criterions (80.0 and 81.5%), vs N0 (44.7%, p<0.05). In NX stage, the mortality rate was in 12.0% higher vs N0 criterion. Conclusion. The total mortality in patients with distant metastases (M1) was on 33.7% more, than at women with M0 stage. After year 2000, in National Cancer Institute, it was set the improvement of diagnostic managment and reliable decrease of clinical cases with MX criterion, but unreliable changes of clinical cases with NX criterion.

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