Institution :   National Cancer Institute, Kyiv

Opiod-free analgesia in perioperative period. Review
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Denosumab in long-term treatment of patients with giant cell tumor of bone
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The results of surgical treatment of secondary lesions of the spine
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Clinical and morphological features of gastrointestinal stromal tumors
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Positron emission tomography in the detection of iodine-negative recurrences and metastases in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer
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Partial nephrectomy in high-risk urothelial cancer of the calyx
Authors: Pikul M.V. Stakhovsky E. Voylenko O. Stakhovsky O.... T. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)
Level of lethality of patients with external genital tumors at retrospective 25-year-old observation, the role of clinical condition
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Analysis of urodynamic indexes in patients with infiltrative cervical cancer after nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy
Authors: Dermenzhy T.V. Ligirda N.F. Stakhovsky O.E. Iatsyna O.I.... №2(22) 2016