The value of the immunotherapy of alfa/beta defensins in the development of epitheliitis in patients with oropharyngeal cancer

Hirna H.A. 1, Kostyshyn I.D.1, Rozhko M.M. 1, Lukach Ye.V.2, Andriiv A.V.1

Summary. The most common complication of radiation therapy in patients with cancer of the oral cavity and oropharynx are inflammatory changes in the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and submucosal base in 80% of cases. To effectively treat patients by minimizing the toxic effect of radiation therapy, we used the immune preparation of alpha/beta defensins in the treatment of patients and analyzed the development of the degree and form of epitheliitis. Clinical observation was performed on patients of two groups: I — 25 patients who at the 1st stage of special treatment received radiation therapy and immunotherapy, II — 20 patients who received radiation therapy without immunotherapy and which is a comparison group. The use of the immunotherapeutic agent of alpha/beta defensins is a reducing in the frequency and degree of epitheliitis in patients with cancer of the oral cavity and oropharynx during and at the end of radiation therapy. In 3 (12%) patients of group I there was no epitheliitis, epitheliitis of I degree (catarrhal) was in 11 (44%) patients, in 10 (40%) — developed II (focal) degree and in 1 (4%) — III membranous). In the comparison group, all patients had epitheliitis, only of varying degrees and shapes, more pronounced. In 1 (5%) patient there was epitheliitis of the I degree (catarrhal), in 3 (15%) — the II degree (focal) and in 16 (80%) — the III (membranous) that is on 15 patients more than in the I group. Separately, the search for influence on the development of heavier (III, IV) stage epitheliitis, the form of tumor growth, its histological differentiation, localization. The data did not establish this relationship. The presented indicators of observation indicate a positive trend from immunotherapy, most patients completed treatment with a less heavier degree of epitheliitis.

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