The first experience of using dendritic cells immunotherapy in complex treatment of patients with glioblastoma in Ukraine

Khranovska N.M., Скачкова О.В.1, Gorbach O.I., Жукова В.М.1, Главацкий А.Я. 2, Земскова О.В.2, Хмельницкий Г.В.2, Шуба И.М.2

Summary. Background. The low effectiveness of traditional therapy in gliomas causes the scientific community to develop the new treatment approaches. Nowadays, some variants of immunotherapy (IT) for glial tumor cells are actively investigate. The aim was to investigate the possibility of autologous dendritic cells (DCs) application for immunotherapy in combination treatment for patients with glioblastoma. Matherials and methods. IT based on DC was administered as adjuvant treatment for patients with glioblastoma after the basic treatment. DC was generated from peripheral blood monocytes and loaded with lysate of autologous tumor cells. The phenotypic analysis of the autologous generated DC and populations of peripheral blood lymphocytes was performed by flow cytometry. Results. We have found that the generated DC before the IT had an average degree maturity and suitable for implementation as vaccine. The expression level of the CD83 surface receptor, which determines the degree of DC maturity, increased at the all stages of IT. The administration of DC vaccine was not accompanied by any significant adverse or toxic reactions in patients. DC based IT promoted the decreasing of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) relative number in peripheral blood of patients. Conclusions. DCs, generated from autologous peripheral blood monocytes from patients with glioblastoma, had an average level of maturity but were suitable for IT application. The most significant increasing in the DC maturity degree and pronounced changes in the immune system state in patients with glioblastoma was recorded after 4–5 stages of IT based on DC. Based on the study of the DC characteristics and state changes of the immune system during the IT, methodological approaches for the DC application as a complex treatment for patients with glioblastoma was developed.
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