Contents of the journal :   Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)

A case from practice

Clinical case of application of VAC bandage in the treatment of post-radiation skin ulcer
Authors: Diedkov S.A. Korovin S.I. Kukushkina M. Ostafiychuk V.V.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)

Original Articles

Changes in the level of neutrophils, lymphocytes in the peripheral blood in primary and secondary operations for brain tumors
Authors: Lisianyi O.M. Belska L.M. Lisyaniy A.O. Klyuchnikov A.I.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
View on the problem of treatment Т1-2N0M0 squamous cell carcinoma of tongue
Authors: Halay O.O. Bilynskyi B.T. Bondarenko S.G. Duda O.R.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
Treatment intolerance related to perioperative chemotherapy in patients with gastric cancer, prospective randomized clinical trial
Authors: Dobrzhanskyi O. Kondratskyi Y. Razumeiko I. Suprunenko O.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
A new approach in the treatment of metastatic renal cell cancer
Authors: Stakhovsky E. Vitruk Y.V. Voylenko O. Stakhovsky O.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
The influence of amplification of ERBB2 is on the percent of relapse of inflammatory breast cancer after the combined treatment
Authors: Smolanka I. Movchan O.V. Liashenko А.А. Ivankova O.M.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
Complex ultrasonography in diagnostics of background diseases of the cervix
Authors: Abdullaiev R.Ya. Golovko T.S. Sibihankulov A.Kh. Shcherbina O.V.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)

Review Articles

Review of the 5th edition of the Japanese gastric cancer treatment guidelines
Authors: Lukashenko A.V. Shipko A. Ostapenko Y. Minich A.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)
Current state of hormone therapy in patients with metastatic breast cancer
Authors: Tarasenko T. Syvak L. Lyalkin S. Verovkina N.O.... Т. 12, № 1-2 (45-46)