Two methods — cytologic and histological — for optimal morphological verification of tumors

Bolgova L.S., Shypko A.F.

Summary. The morphological diagnostic of the tumors, as you know, plays decisive role in the specific tactics of the treatment, which depends on the effectiveness of treatment and prognosis. In particular world-famous what the cytology diagnostic precancer and their timely treatment on their example 80–85% of female patients diseases cervix uterine allows to cure them from the further development of uterine cancer. In Europe and in the United States, there has long been use offense morphological methods for the verification of the tumors, which can be associated with a higher survival rate of the population than in Ukraine of malignant tumors. Morphological departments in the mentioned countries are composed of cytological and histological laboratories are allowed in the formulation of the pathological process for the maximum number of cells and tissue morphological signs. In the European country, pathologists take for work only after mastering a special course of cytological diagnostic. A large number of different nosological forms of tumors, their small biopsy pieces often cause significant difficulties in their histological evaluation. The use of two morphological methods — cytological and histological — allows us to study the maximum number of structural features of cells and tissues, which will contribute to a more accurate verification of the tumor process.

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