Number Т. 10, № 3-4 (39-40)

Author :   Inomistova M.V.

Differential expression of miR-124 and miR-155 in tumor tissue of breast before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Authors: Ryspayeva D.E. Khranovskaya N.M. Inomistova M.V. №3(27) 2017 / Review: 208
Antitumor and immunomodulating effect of dendritic cells loaded with magnetic nanocomplex in mice with Lewis lung carcinoma
Authors: Khranovska N.M. Skachkova O.V. Inomistova M.V. Makeenko O.L.... №3(27) 2017 / Review: 1
MALT-lymphoma: etiology, pathogenesis, classification, clinical issues
Authors: Kryachok I.A. Ulianchenko K.O. Kadnikova T. Titorenko I.B.... №1(25) 2017 / Review: 1
The role of alteration of p53/MDM2 pathway regulation in neuroblastoma progression
Authors: Khranovska N.M. Inomistova M.V. Svеrgun N.N. Skachkova O.V.... №4(16) 2014 / Review: 348
Role of miRNAs in neuroblastoma pathogenesis (review)
Authors: Inomistova M.V. Khranovska N.M. Klymniuk G.I. №1(9) 2013 / Review: 327