The possibility of using the detection of sentinel lymph nodes after neoadjuvant polychemotherapy in patients with breast cancer

Смоланка И.И.1, Кострыба А.И.1, Черныш В.О.1, Кузьменко А.П.2, Иванкова О.Н. 1

Summary. Introduction. In recent years, throughout the world, great importance has been attached to the individualization of surgery on the paths of lymphatic drainage and the identification of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer. The aim of the work was assessment of the possibility of using intraoperative detection of sentinel lymph nodes in neoadjuvant polychemotherapy and surgery in patients with breast cancer. Materials and methods. A comparative analysis of the state of sentinel lymph nodes in 98 women with breast cancer with radical surgery and neoadjuvant polychemotherapy was carried out. The methods of lymphoscintigraphy and intraoperative detection of sentinel lymph nodes using a gamma-radiation counter and chromolymphography, using 1% solution of methylene blue was used. Сompulsory clinical, radiological examinations (mammography, fluoroscopy and radiography of the lungs, bone radiography), ultrasonographic, radioisotope (scintigraphy), computer magnetic resonance imaging, cytological and histological studies of postoperative material were carried out. Results. It has been established that the use of neoadjuvant polychemotherapy did not affect the detection of sentinel lymph nodes in the women of the study group compared with the control. Conclusions. This result can improve the control of the state of regional metastasis, increase the accuracy of staging of the oncological process and maximize the radicalism of treatment of patients with breast cancer.
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