Author :   Ivankova O.N.

Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy in breast cancer premenopausal patients. Literature review and research results
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The possibility of using the detection of sentinel lymph nodes after neoadjuvant polychemotherapy in patients with breast cancer
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The possibility of the organ-sparing operations with edematous breast cancers
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Inflammatory breast cancer: special characteristics of surgery
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Inflammatory breast cancer: clinical picture, disease course and treatment (review and results of own research)
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Neoajuvant chemotherapy of breast cancer patients.Therapeutical pathomorphosis
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Застосування модифікаторів — шлях до підвищення ефективності лікування хворих на первинно неоперабельний рак грудної залозиThe use of modifiers — a way to improve efficiency of treatment of primary inoperable breast cancer patients
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