A giant aggressive angiomyxoma of the abdomеn

Скумс А.В., Симонов О.М., Чайковская С.М., Гурин П.В., Кропельницкий В.А.

Summary. Aggressive angiomyxoma is a rare locally aggressive soft tissue tumor, which primarily occurs in the pelvic and perineal regions. To date, tumors have been described in sizes up to 24 cm. Treatment tactics are not developed, but сomplete surgical excision is as the main treatment method. Objective. To present the clinical case and a review of literature of a giant aggressive angiomyxoma of the abdomеn. Materials and methods. A giant aggressive angiomyxoma of the abdomеn. Clinical, laboratory and instrumental methods of examination have been used. Results. Patient C., 37 years, was hospitalized with complaints of bloating. She was ill for 6 months. According to the established survey methods found, almost the entire abdominal cavity occupies an inhomogeneous hypovascular formation of about 50 cm in diameter, tight to the fate of left lobe liver, shifts dorsal stomach, pancreas, left kidney, spleen and bowel loops; displaces the abdominal trunk and shifts right superior mesenteric artery. A surgery in volume: removal of tumor with wedge-shaped resection of the stomach and atypical resection SgIII of liver. Weight of the tumor — 18.600 kg. Intraoperative blood loss — 300 ml. Total duration of the operation is 2 hours 40 min. Pathogistological conclusion: aggressive angiomyxoma of the abdomеn. Immunohistochemical analysis revealed expression of estrogen receptor (EP1), progesterone receptor (PgR636) and CD34 (QBEnd1) in the tumor cells. The postoperative period passed without complications. In satisfactory condition, the patient is discharged for 8 days after surgery. Conclusions. The clinical case demonstrates the probability the emergence of a giant aggressive angiomyxoma of the abdomеn not typical localization.
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