Epidemiological background for implementation of screening for colorectal cancer in Ukraine

Fedorenko Z.P., Kolesnik O.O., Michailovich Y., Sumkina O.V.

Summary. There have been studied the dynamics of colorectal cancer in Ukrainian population during 20 years; it showed both male and female incidence rates increasing steadily with overweight of the incidence in male population. The peak values of colorectal cancer incidence rate are in age group 75–79. The highest incidence rates of colorectal cancer were found in the regions of the south-eastern area, which are characterized by high levels of environmental contamination with carcinogens. The mortality/incidence ratio in whole Ukraine is within the range 53.4–59.3%, with higher values in some regions up to 76.0%. Significant defects in prevention, diagnostics and treatment of patients with colorectal cancer has led to 27.3–35.0% of patients died during the first year from the diagnosis, and in some regions this rate exceeded 40%. The survival of patients with colorectal cancer directly depends on the timeliness of detection of this malignancy, therefore the 5-year survival rate of patients with early stages of colorectal cancer is 8–10 times higher than that with advanced stage.
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