Cytomorphologic features of primary mediastinal B-large-cell lymphoma

Болгова Л.С., Туганова Т.Н.

Summary. Primary mediastinal B-large-cell lymphoma (PMBLCL) is a special type of diffuse B-large cell lymphomas that occurs in the mediastinum, with its inherent clinical, immunophenotypic and genetic characteristics. Cytological research is the first stage in the morphological verification of diseases of the mediastinum. Comparison of the results of histological and cytological studies, supplemented by modern methods, allows analyzing the data and obtaining a comprehensive description of diagnostic materials. The aim of the study was to determine the cytomorphological features of PMBLCL cells. Object and methods. Cytological preparations of transthoracic punctuations of PMBLCL were studied in 6 patients. Cytological preparations are stained by the method of Pappenheim. Results. The data are compared with the histological and immunohistochemical results of the studies. Unlike other lymphomas, which are characterized by a large number of lymphoid cells, they were detected in small amounts in the cytological preparations studied by us. There were large light elements with a outgrowth cytoplasm, large polymorphic nuclei with a fine-grained chromatin structure, and enlarged nucleoli similar to epithelial ones. The cells were arranged on a background of necrotic, mainly basophilic masses. Conclusions. The revealed cytomorphological features require a comprehensive study with classical and modern research methods to develop an algorithm for optimal morphological diagnosis of tumors of the anterior-superior mediastinum.
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