Clinical guidelines for the diagnostic and treatment of the endometrial cancer

Свинцицкий В.С., Ренкас О.П.

Summary. Endometrial cancer takes second place in the malignant neoplasms’ structure of women reproductive system. Nowadays the rapid growth of the following pathology appears especially within group of young females. The high prevalence of endometrial cancer, significant socio-economic costs and psycho-medical factors determine the relevance of this problem and the need for new methods for screening, diagnosis and treatment. Stage, degree of differentiation and histological type are the main factors of prognosis and selection of treatment methods for patients with endometrial cancer. And also the creation of risk groups of the disease on the basis of clinical and pathological prognostic factors allows us to select adequate adjuvant therapy. The selection of the treatment method for women patients also depends on the following main factors such as age, general health condition, reproductive plans of the patient, degree of severity of metabolic-endocrine disorders; histological type of tumor, degree of its differentiation, size, localization in the uterine cavity, prevalence of the tumor process. The basic principles of surgical treatment are the individual selection of surgical intervention, the implementation of adequate lymphatic dissociation, elimination of relapse and metastases. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are more often used in adjuvant treatment, as well as in the absence of surgical treatment. Hormonal therapy is used in the conservative treatment of the initial process of endometrial cancer, as well as in widespread disease and recurrence. The effectiveness of targeting therapy has not been studied yet. The presented recommendations are based on the data of clinical recommendations of the malignant neoplasms of the female reproductive system of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) for 2016, updated on the basis of a review of the literature over the past 5 years using the PubMed search engine.
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