Survival in patients with colon cancer

Романчук В.Р.

Summary. The focus of the study was the results obtained from the observation of 973 patients with colon cancer (CC). The direct and long-term results of the operative and combination therapy of CC were studied and estimated. All patients were divided into the groups according to the stadiation (TNM system). Patients with Stage II, III and IV cancer were included in the study. According to each stage of CC, patients were divided into two groups, depending on the received therapy (surgery and surgery + chemotherapy). The overall survival of patients was determined according to the stages of CC: the therapy received and the total number of patients, determining the effect of therapy on the overall survival of patients. According to the results obtained, the overall survival of patients correlates with the stage of CC: we observe the highest percentage of patients survived with Stage II CC and, accordingly, the lowest percentage of patients with Stage IV CC in each time-response study. The use of chemotherapy in addition to surgery showed better results for all observed patients (43.2% of patients who survived on the 48 month of the observation in surgical treatment and 53.8% of patients with the combination treatment respectively).
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