Bone allograft in the surgical treatment of patients with tumors of long bones

Vyrva O.Ye.

Summary. Today adequate function recovery of the affected limb by tumor is the most important oncological orthopedic task. There are many options for replacement postresection defects from biological materials to artificial endoprosthesis. Each type of reconstruction has clear indications. Bone allografts at present widely used in oncological orthopedic different techniques. Clinical outcomes of 74 patients with long bone sarcoma were analyzed in SI «The Sitenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology of the NAMS Ukraine». All patients were performed bone allograft long bones defects reconstruction of by different methods. Indications for each technique postresection bone defects reconstruction were established. Infection complications were not observed in any case. There were 2 local tumor recurrences and 1 case with no fusion of bone allograft. Using allograft-prosthesis composite replacement has many advantages such as ability to replacement segmental bone and joint defects, improve implant stabi­lity, and reduce the risk of secondary revision surgery.
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