Contents of the journal :   №2(26) 2017

Radiation diagnostics, radiation therapy

Magnetothermia of malignant tumors
Authors: Sivak L.A. Smolanka I. Orel V.Е. Litvinenko S.V.... №2(26) 2017 / Review: 1

Tumors of skin, soft tissues, bones

Mathematical modeling as a method of determination of indications for limb salvage treatment for patients with pelvic bone tumors
Authors: Kostyuk V.Y. Diedkov A.G. Zholonko N.N. Boychuk S.I.... №2(26) 2017 / Review: 2
Low-dose cyclophosphamide in the treatment of patients with lymphogenous metastases of melanoma
Authors: Korovin S.I. Ostafiychuk V.V. Kukushkina M.M. Palivets A.... №2(26) 2017 / Review: 2
Bone allograft in the surgical treatment of patients with tumors of long bones
Authors: Vyrva O.Ye. Golovina Yа.O. Malyk R.V. №2(26) 2017 / Review: 1

Breast tumor

The possibility of the organ-sparing operations with edematous breast cancers
Authors: Smolanka I. Liashenko А.А. Ryspayeva D.E. Ivankova O.N.... №2(26) 2017 / Review: 669
Breast sarcomas: statictics, classification and surgical methods of treatment
Authors: Galaychuk I.Y. Nitefor L.V. Shkrobot L.V. №2(26) 2017 / Review: 22


Brentuхіmab vedotin in the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Authors: Kryachok I. Titorenko I.B. №2(26) 2017 / Review: 3
NOTCH1 mutations in pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Authors: Bilous N.I. Abramenko I.V. Chumak A.A. Kryachok I. №2(26) 2017 / Review: 1


Evaluation of follow-up rates of patients with cancer of female reproductive organs in Ukraine
Authors: Fedorenko Z.P. Gulak L.O. Ryzhov A.Y. Gorokh Ye.L.... №2(26) 2017 / Review: 1
Uterus PEComa
Authors: Moloshok A.A. Goldina G.A. Berezovska O.L. Rudych Y.V.... №2(26) 2017 / Review: 6
Prognosis of platinum-resistance: from theoretical models forward to clinical algorithm
Authors: Kolesnik O.O. Rybin A.I. №2(26) 2017 / Review: 1

Experimental studies

Cytomorphological quantitative signs of hepatocellular carcinoma
Authors: Tuganova T.N. Bolgova L.S. Makhortova M.G. Alekseenko O.I. №2(26) 2017 / Review: 4

Chemotherapy of solid tumors

Breast cancer immunotherapy: importance, prospects, problems
Authors: Sivak L.A. Verovkina N.O. №2(26) 2017 / Review: 1
Method of improving the quality of life in patients receiving anthracycline-containing chemotherapy
Authors: Askоlskiy А.В. Sivak L.A. Shevchuk L. Mаydаnеvich N.... №2(26) 2017 / Review: 1