State of the art treatment malignancies upper respiratory tract (literature review and the results of their research)

Summary. At the National Cancer Institute 121 patients with malignant tumors respiratory tract were treated. Patients were divided into 3 groups: patients of group 1 were treated on apparatus for electron linear accelerator «Mevatron KD2» (n=32), group 2 — on the LEA «Clinac 2100» (n=41) and group 3 — on devices «Rokus AM» and «Teratron» (n=48). All patients performed pre-beam topometric preparation but using different equipment. As a result, patients in groups 1 and 3 were recorded in the treatment of radiation reactions II–III degree, which led to the forced break in treatment. Patients were hospitalized in the radiation oncology department or head and neck tumors department. As a result of the radiation therapy in most patients with malignant tumors respiratory tract managed to achieve tumor regression and significant improvement in quality of life.
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