Criteria and assessment methodologies of the state-funded program of cancer control efficiency

Michailovich Y.I. , Zhurbenko A.V.

Summary. Program budgeting in the field of Oncology is directed at improving efficiency of the nation’s health to promote longstan­ding medical care population. Development of the state program in cancer care will have to comprise all sphere of cancer control. At present, in Ukraine for all already realized programs had not been applied target indicators and therefore we were not achieved desired results. Based on the international experience Authors have done his research meticulously and was specified the efficiency concept for relation to results concerning cancer control programs implementation and also were researched aspects of efficiency. The approaches to assessment of budget programs efficiency used in the United States and France have carried out in this study. The important issue of the program efficiency evaluation in Ukraine still remains unresolved despite the fact that many evaluation methods and techniques can be used. It is identified criteria efficiency evaluation of budget expenses for state programs that must be realized. Recurring unit and elements of the efficiency were identified. Structural units and elements of the state programs efficiency have allocated the efficiency condition — existence of a direct interrelation between actions and assessment indicators that was shown on the example programs in the field of health care. Examples of indicators that can be used at planning stage and when assessing of the cancer program efficiency were offered. It was proved that a complex assessment of efficiency allows objectively estimating effect of the invested financial resources by state and defining effectiveness state policy implementation in priority medicine spheres.
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