Contents of the journal :   №3(23) 2016

Breast tumor

Inflammatory breast cancer: special characteristics of surgery
Authors: Smolanka I. Liashenko А.А. Loboda A. Dosenko I.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 465
Endocrine resistance as a problem in the treatment of breast cancer
Authors: Klekot O.O. Klekot А.I. Vozniuk L.А. Doroshkevich I.O. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 1

Chemotherapy of solid tumors

The clinical case of multiple primary cancer
Authors: Sivak L.A. Tarasenko T.E. Klimаnоv М.Yu. Lyalkin S.A.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 1153

Experimental studies

CD44 expression in colon adenocarcinoma
Authors: Grabovoy A.N. Savchyn T.M. Antonyuk S.A. Tarasova T. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 307


PET-CT impact for early detection of ovarian cancer recurrence
Authors: Kharchenko E.V. Oliynichenko E.G. Klyusov A.N. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 4358
Oncomarkers CA125 and НЕ4 and their diagnostic value in patients with ovarian cancer
Authors: institute medical state Andijan Khakimova R.A. Uzbekistan №3(23) 2016 / Review: 1


Treatment of HIV-related non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Skripets Т.V. Ulianchenko K.O. Tytorenko I.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 535
Lymphoma and hepatitis C
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Ulianchenko K.O. Kadnikova T. Tytorenko I.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 8806
Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma. The role of positron emission tomography
Authors: Stepanishyna Y.A. Kriachok I.A. Tytorenko I. Filonenko Е.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 4489
Central nervous system involvement prophylaxis in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Authors: Kriachok I.A. Filonenko K.S. Kuschevyy E. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 1695

Organization of anticancer fight

Radiation diagnostics, radiation therapy

Tumors of abdominal organs

Molecular genetic characteristics of gastric cancer: clinical oncologist’s view
Authors: Center Oncological Clinical Municipal Dispensary Kyiv Oncological Regional «Odessa University SI Medical National Odessa Lurin A.G. Mashukov O.A. Zakhartseva L.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 4041

Tumors of skin, soft tissues, bones

Problematic issues in limb salvage surgery of pelvic bone tumors
Authors: Kostuk V.U. Dedkov A.G. Volkov I.B. Boychuk S.I.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 1
Case of late metastases of skin melanoma
Authors: Korovin S.I. Palivets A. Kukushkina M.M. Ostafiychuk V.V. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 10261
Soft tissue sarcomas: etiology, epidemiology, classification
Authors: Korovin S.I. Ostafiychuk V.V. Palivets A. Kukushkina M.M.... №3(23) 2016 / Review: 3661

Tumors of the chest cavity

Immunohistochemical diagnostic of neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract (review of the literature and own data)
Authors: Kriveshko A.S. Kuryk O.G. Yakovenko V.O. Bazdyrev V.V. №3(23) 2016 / Review: 1753