Molecular genetic characteristics of gastric cancer: clinical oncologist’s view

Lurin A.G. 1, Mashukov O.A. 1, Zakhartseva L.M.2, Orel N.A. 1, Bilenko A.A. 3, Zgura O.N. 1, Ratsiborsky D.V. 1, Maksimovsky V.E.3, Merlych S.V. 1, Shilin I.V.1, Lee S.N.1

Summary. The study on the expression of oncoproteins in patients with gastric cancer was done. The abundance of the results and comprehensive interpretation should be noted. The study based on the abdominal oncosurgical department of SI «Odessa Regional Oncological Dispensary», included 188 patients operated on for gastric cancer in the period 2007–2011. In all cases, a lymphadenectomy for reasons of principle, i.e. an extensive preventive biopsy lymph nodes visually unchanged was made. We spend a multivariate analysis according to the expression of oncoproteins p53, VEGFR-3, the erbB2 and proliferative tumor Ki-67 activity from the involvement of tumor microvasculature (ly, V), the local growth (T), the presence of residual tumor tissue (R), the degree of tumor differentiation (G), the degree of regional lymph nodes involvement (N), type of infiltration (Inf α, β, Inf γ).
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